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     Brooms Head is one of those unique beachfront villages that are becoming rare. Originally known as Cakora Point, the name Brooms Head was first used in 1870 when a broom thought to have come from the wreck of the schooner 'Eureka', was washed up on the beach. These days many locals affectionately refer to "The Broom" as their favourite holiday destination.

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    Beach Life

    lluka Bluff has an excellent surfing beach and a great lookout platform with panoramic views - ideal for whale-watching. There is a netted swimming area at Iluka Bay and beautiful beaches with picnic areas at Back beach, Frazers Reef and Woody Head.

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    Maclean, the Scottish Town

    Named in 1862, “Maclean” had earlier been called “Rocky Mouth”. The NSW Surveyor - General Alistair McLean instructed local surveyor W. A. B. Greaves of Grafton to design the town. Greaves named the town “Maclean” and the name “Rocky Mouth” fell from use.

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